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Chapter meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00PM

Beginning July 2021, Chapter meetings will be held via Zoom session and in person.

Register now to be included on the list to receive the chapter's zoom meeting information and agenda.



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Become a "STAR"

If you are new to the Chapter, we would like to keep you updated with what is going on.

Please fill out our
 Chapter Member Registration. 

We will include you onto our chapter list where you will receive general information by way of our chapter newsletter and our Zoom session chapter meeting information.


Who are Alumni of CSU


An alumnus (plural alumni) is a former student of Central State University. Commonly, but not always, the word "alumni" refers to a graduate. One could have been enrolled as a student at Central State University for two years, not graduate and still be considered an alumnus.  

Some of our notable alumni includes:


  • Joyce Beatty
    Member of United States House of Representatives

  • Hugh Douglas
    Former New York Jets & Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Lineman

  • Arsenio Hall
    Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree

  • Erik Williams
    Former Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman

  • Leontyne Price
    Opera singer

  • Nancy Wilson
    Jazz Singer

What are the Dues.

Alumni dues are monies paid to support the everyday activities of the local alumni chapter and the CSU General Alumni Association. 


Chapter dues are also required to pay affiliation fees to the General Alumni Association. Dues are extremely important, as they are the single biggest source of revenue providing the services the local chapters and general alumni association needs in order to support our students.


Local chapter dues are $50 and the General Alumni Association dues are $50. Dues are paid yearly. Members can make their payments on this page by clicking the "Pay Your Dues" link above.

Welcome Home


MEMBERSHIP MATTERS!!! If you are a graduate of Central State, a former student of Central State, a supporter of Central State and have the desire to participate, help out with our cause and pay dues, then we will welcome you with open arms! 

Come out, support and stay informed of all the latest news and activities that are happening with the CSU Cincinnati STAR Alumni Chapter.


To become a Central State University Cincinnati STAR Alumni Chapter member, all you need to do is fill out our Chapter Member Registration form. Participate with our monthly chapter and begin to pay the chapter dues.

Beginning July 2021, Chapter meetings will be held via Zoom and in person.

Our physical meeting location is held at:


  • 9931 Wayne Ave.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45215


Remember, you do not have to be a graduate of Central State University to become a chapter member.


Members have the opportunity to become active on the local chapter level. There is also the opportunity to become even more involved by running for any of the positions on the Central State University National Alumni Association Board of Directors. 


CSU National Alumni Association Life Membership

Once you’ve become a Life Member, you have no further obligation to pay national dues to the National Alumni Association.


You will receive a Life Member Pin, Life Membership Card and a Certificate of Good Standing indicating your continued support of the National Alumni Association.


However, the payment of Life Membership dues does not relieve the responsibility of one to be financial with his/her local chapter. Become a Life Member 


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(LeShawn Braxton CSU class of 1996)

The Central State University Alumni living in the surrounding areas of Cincinnati, Ohio are the “STARS” who make this chapter shine bright!

You are the elements this chapter needs to continue to flourish. Calling ALL CSU alumni generations! We welcome you with open arms. This alumni chapter welcomes your ideas, support and energy to keep on thriving.  

The chapter shines the brightest when we brainstorm on ideas, turn those ideas into actions and  take the steps to accomplish those goals! It is all due to the collective "STAR" personalities showing up, giving their time and energy for a purpose. 

Our goal is to continue to increase our chapter membership, but more importantly, it is our hope to see the energy of this chapter, influence great motivation among all of the other Central State University Alumni Chapters doing the work of and for our alma mater!

We are the Central State University, Cincinnati "STAR" Alumni Chapter! The members of this chapter takes great pride in the work that is set forth representing Central State University.


If it has been a while or if you have never fellowshipped with us, it’s ok! The CSU Cincinnati “STAR” Alumni Chapter invites you to join us.


For God, For Central, For State

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